Fotevik & Omloppsbana - hit, dit och runtenom. The outcome of the Battle of Fotevik, in 1134 A.D., was decided by modern transportation technology and proved to be pivotal in the history of the Kingdom of Denmark.
   Fotevik station opened in 1904 on the Hvellinge-Skanör- Falsterbo railway, providing the transportation technology that would eventually modernise the medieval twin Cities of Skanör and Falsterbo (merged by decree in the 18th century as Skanör med Falsterbo - "Skanör with Falsterbo"), at the time having a few hundred remaining inhabitants, in steady decline since their population peak in the 16th century at about 15,000.
   Fotevik & Omloppsbana (“Orbit” in Swedish) was formed in 1979 by the great-grandson of the Skanör station master, and today provides contemporary technology internal haulage services for the Robertson & Co. group of companies.
   Fotevik & Omloppsbana aims to become a leading provider of intra-LEO transfer and Northern Europe from-orbit drop, with sea and surface pickup, and delivery services.